Why this blog

As a literature student I was asked so many times:
What to read?
From where to start?
Is there a system?
What’s the catch with this book?
and many more..


People asking those questions came from other groups, universities…
From their point of view Gutenberg galaxy, vast as it is, seemed unreadable and too difficult to grasp.
But they knew it belonged to them too and that literary works are a gift for humanity.
They`ve been touched by some of them, moved by truths they felt.
They got chills.
But it feels like those works, classical novels, demand knowledge.

So, they mostly turned to “easy” literature, going around classics fearing Dostoevsky’s name and thinking Voltaire was too intellectual for being part of everyday experience of 21st century average citizen of the world who just got back home from work or night in the club.
And that is not true.

I am not a student any more, but I keep getting same questions. I guess it is because classics are really good point in time and space for contemplation and starting a conversation on matters that moved us.

So I want to talk about matters I find essential – life and being human.
Therefore – this blog.

Book as accessory is a place where you can find these answers:

  • What are classics?
  • Why some works are immortal?
  • Is there a system for reading?
  • Why read?
  • How classical literature applies to the modern world?
  • Fun facts

    And more



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